What’s Known,

  • The Silvermoon Guardians are in control of Tranquilien and use it as a staging ground for their campaigning all across the southern reaches of Quel’thalas. Under the control of Captain Somberdim, its military power is second only to Silvermoon itself.
  • Groups of captured ‘fugitives’ are captured and kept here on questionable legitimacy, and ultimately make up a majority of the Guardians’ labor force. The party was present while one of these prisoners’ caravans made its way into Tranquilien, and it most certainly wasn’t the only one.

What’s There,

  • In the wake of Quel’thalas’ destruction, Tranquilien seems to remain a thriving hub of commerce and residency. Several hundred people have been seen on its streets; craftsmen work and soldiers prepare to reclaim even more of the elves’ homeland.


The Wake of Quel'Thalas PDDuckworth