The Silver Hand

Who’s a Member,

Father Dorran


Member of the Silver Hand

This old paladin was one of the order’s earliest members, and has served as an unfaltering beacon of truth and wisdom in some of the faith’s darkest hours. Despite their religious differences, he and Lady Liadrin hold congress regularly; each believes they can persuade the other.

Where they’re Located,

The Silver Fold

Just as the Blood Knights, the Silver Hand takes up residence in the Silver Fold—though unfortunately, as more paladins convert and their numbers dwindle, the minority of supporters for the old faith find themselves in a small chapel at the end of the district. There they worship and study their religion in peace, free from all but the occasional nudging from their Blood Knight peers.

What’s Known,

  • Little remains of this sacred order in Quel’thalas; the Silver Hand’s remaining members could be counted on a single hand. Due to their size, they offer no military force and see little reason to side with any other faction. As their days dwindle, many of these paladin seek only peace.

The Silver Hand

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