The Blood Knights

Who’s a Member,

Lady Liadrin


Matriarch of the Blood Knights

This young priestess’ tremendous rise through the ranks of the Silver Hand, and later its sect, the Blood Knights, would never have been possible without the Scourge War three years ago. All who behold Liadrin immediately realize her youth—especially when compared to her subordinates—but only the foolish would assume she’s an incapable leader.

Contrary to many of the Blood Knights’ devotees, the Lady Liadrin has proven to be a warm and understanding figure—quick to invite dissenting opinions, and even quicker to see her criticis with reason. That said, she is steadfast, and wholly believes her order follows a righteous path.

Magister Sundown


Magister of the Blood Knights

The icy glow of Magister Sundown’s gaze is a cause of constant discomfort among those who find themselves as newcomers in the Silver Fold’s hallowed halls. Though his power has yet to be seen, an arcanist in holy halls must have won his position with great merit.

It’s because of Sundown, in fact, that the Silver Hand managed to take root in Silvermoon at all. His personal endorsement and offering of his own property laid the foundation of the order seen today. Magisters have tried to draw nefarious conclusions about his intentions with the Holy Light ever since, but his deliberate transparency has made it difficult for anything to stick.

Though never officially acknowledged, it’s almost certain that Magister Sundown is responsible for the rise of the Blood Knights and Liadrin, its leader.

Lady Crimson


Knight-Lord of the Blood Knights

Named Bela Cinderblood, this devout servant of the light inspires fear in the hearts of the villainous—and for good reason. At a towering 6’4’’, she’s most often seen as Liadrin’s stalwart guardian, and personal deliverer of justice.

Despite her stature and the grim nature of her duties, Bela is kind—albeit short for words. Her subordinates consider her an inspiration and a reliable battlefield companion, and many owe her for the life they keep. She shows little fear, but in the most stunning moments of battle, the watchful eye might catch a glimpse at aspects of herself she guards with great secrecy.

High Confessor Brightwind


Chief Inquisitor of the Blood Knights

The High Confessor is a peculiar fellow, and undoubtedly the most devout of any elven follower of the Holy Light. He speaks little and only with great purpose—and when he does, his soft, hushed tone makes him sound more like a phantom. Most of his days are spent in isolation, where he spends his life in silent prayer and contemplation. His revelations, he shares with no ones, for in his own words, “All must find their own faith.”

Belore Cinderstride


Knight of the Blood Knights

Fellow Blood Knights and companion of Lorthium, Belore Cinderstride is often regarded for his unusually… optimistic attitude in an otherwise bleak social landscape. The Blood Knights are not often known for their positivity. it’s unclear as to where this is a benefit to Belore or not, but he seems to be able to keep things in perspective; he tries not to keep his head in the clouds.

Where They’re Located,

The Silver Fold

The Blood Knights are primarily based on holy grounds, the Silver Fold. Churches and other religious sites line the sides of this city square, where it’s headed by a massive cathedral at the eastern end.

Tucked away in its own corner of the city, this district perhaps saw the littlest bloodshed and destruction in all of Silvermoon. Its near-pristine condition leads to an even greater impression of grandeur.

War Camp

Allegedly, the Blood Knights have established a camp near the town of Windrunner Village, where they’re staging the next step of their inquisition. Small and without the niceties of the city, their camp most certainly serves a utilitarian purpose—much as the Blood Knights themselves.

What’s Known,

  • The Blood Knights are singularly and wholly devoted to destroying the undead, even at the cost of their own lives. They’re unaffiliated and wholly disinterested with the struggle for power in Quel’thalas—seeing it as a pointless squabble. They would receive help in achieving their ends, should another faction choose to aid them, but do not actively seek assistance.
  • The Blood Knights are a sect rooted in the Silver Hand, and at one point, all members of the Blood Knights were Silver Hand paladins. They actively try to convert the few holdouts of the old faith, but do them no harm and allow them to live peacefully within the Silver Fold.

The Blood Knights

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