Silvermoon Guardians

Who’s a Member,

Ralius Emberdawn


Commander of the Silvermoon Guardians

An aged elf with stark white hair and jagged features. Despite his titles and prestige, the Lord Commander isn’t a particularly imposing figure, and without his ornate regalia, one could be forgiven for mistaking him as a commoner. This is undoubtedly why Prince Kael’thas left him as he marched for their salvation; a lifetime of fighting and hardship has left this old man haggard.

Captain Somberdim


Captain of the Silvermoon Guardians

A proven prodigy in military tactics and commanding of a firm leadership, the young Captain Somberdim is the ruling figure of the southern bastion of Tranquilien. That she’s dwarfed by her subordinates often undercuts her own prestige; underestimate her at your own peril.

Where They’re Located,

Firewing Hold

The Silvermoon Guardians’ greatest military stronghold lies in in the ruins of Western Silvermoon, at Firewing Hold. It’s there that the Lord Commander garrisons his army—the largest sanding army in Quel’thalas—and directs a number of campaigns in the hopes of reclaiming some amount of the elven homeland.


Tranquilien, an elven city just inches within what was the once reach of the elven shield, Ban’dinoriel, remains as one of the only remaining Guardian Strongholds and a staging ground for facing southern threats. It boasts a modest garrison and a (relatively) thriving community of tradesmen and skilled craftsmen.

Windrunner Village

Windrunner Village is allegedly under the control of Silvermoon Guardians. A platoon of Blood Knights has been dispatched to investigate a rumor of suspicious activity here.

What’s Known,

  • The Silvermoon Guardians serve as the sole standing army of Quel’thalas, and as a peacekeeping force in an otherwise unruly and unpredictable arcane society. Historically, they answered only to the king and served unfailingly without question; but in the wake of Prince Kael’thas’ disappearance, questions have arisen as to where their loyalties lie.
  • The Guardians have decided it’s their duty to rebuild Quel’thalas. Though their motivations are ostensibly good, there’s been much criticism of the lengths to which the Guardians have gone to fulfill their goals. There’ve been reports all across the countryside of jailer’s caravans, rounding up the weak and downtrodden for any crime imaginable and pressing them into labor.

Silvermoon Guardians

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