Captain Somberdim

"Violators of our most sacred laws, it'll be by your hands that our kingdom returns to its former glory."


Sylasa Somberdim is a woman of small stature whose fiery eyes belay a feline ferocity. She’s quite young for her position, but her command of authority is indisputable; none would question her or her decisions, especially when she’s befallen a sour mood. She wields a flaming saber that’s quick to leave its hilt, whipped about and paraded around as a display of power.


As commander of the Guardian stronghold of Tranquilien, Captain Somberdim holds direct control over the faction’s southern forces—accordingly, she is also responsible for the protection and reconstruction of the frontiers, for which the party has seen… questionable methods. In their only interaction with Somberdim, she was in the midst of sentencing captured ‘fugitives’ to labor, only being cut off by the escaping Fenvin. As chaos consumed the trial, so too did a fit of rage consume the young Somberdim; the last the party heard while make their escape was the Captain’s frenzied yelling from across the town’s square.

Captain Somberdim

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