Belore Cinderstride

"The Blood Knights are a military order, first and foremostly. That means, if you're given an order, you follow it."


Belore is an elf clinging the last last vestiges of youth, one who endeavors tirelessly to remain optimistic in a world of growing animosity. He betrays the stereotype of a despondent, embittered Blood Knight; in fact, he believes he represents what their order should be: an escape from the naivety of expecting the elven homeland to ever be fixed, but knowing a greater future is just beyond the horizon. A respect of rightful authority is deeply set in Belore’s principles, but he faces no moral qualms in questioning the actions of the unjust and empowered


Belore became a servant of the Light some time afterit took root in Quel’thalas, while recovering from a skirmish with Amani outriders. He spent those days in the company of a priestess who was quite eager to show him the power of faith. Ultimately, he would hang his bow and abandon the ranks of the Farstriders to follow his new calling, as did some others of his order—much to the frustration of the former Ranger-general, Sylvanas Windrunner.

Having found peace in the hallowed halls of the Silver Fold, he pursued a new life—sworn to serve and protect his companions, as well as the people of Quel’thalas.

Belore Cinderstride

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