Fenvin Heartstar

Pale skin, long silver flaxen hair braided down her back, heart shaped face, round almond shaped eyes


Fenvin stands at average height for one of her kind. Average build, muscular in her overall body tone; it is evident that she is quite active in her day to day life.

Her skin is pale. Somewhere between a natural and unnatural hue. This perhaps notes her tendency toward the twilight and nighttime hours, when she is normally up and about with her business.

Her facial features are soft, and at the same time angular. Roundish cheeks, large almond eyes and rounded lips. She has a subtly rounded if smallish nose and with high cheekbones to offset the curved softness of her overall features. Perhaps in her later years as her youth will fetter away it will leave only a sharp and defined canvas. Yet, for blood elves the young woman is no great beauty, nor is she ugly by the definitions of her people.

With time as the softness of her youth leaves her, it might be that she grows into her features and flourishes into a rather beautiful woman. Perhaps.

Fenvin is normally messy, usually unkempt to an extent.


Fenvin Heartstar

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