The Wake of Quel'Thalas

The Adventure Begins

Twilight in the woods of Tranquillien. The scene opens with a local tavern.

Two elves Lorthium and Sonaeheim play a game of Hearthstone. All are at play, relaxed. Music, food, good wine.

Sonaeheim wins the game and banter between Sonaeheim, Belore and Lorthium ensues.

Suddenly there is a commotion outside and the patrons within the tavern stir.

A precession of Silvermoon Guardians march towards the town’s square—not the first, and most certainly not the last. Those in arms and armor attend to their restrained prisoners, goading them along as they march… who knows for how long. Fenvin, of course is among them, and she most certainly stands out.

Sonaheim, Lorthium and Belore make way into the courtyard to observe. Curious.

The prisoners are garbed in a wide spectrum of shabby and otherwise not-so-fine attire. Many seem malnourished.If Fenvin stands out, she seems nonplussed about the situation perhaps, her attire unusual.

The attention of the party of would be heros is drawn to Fenvin. Her attire odd, her demeanour not befitting the situation. Leaves flowing over her form, set about her shoulders and her waist. Greens purples and hues of silver cast here and there. She looks more to be a thing of nature. Certainly not as the others.

Captain Somberdim’s attention is drawn to Lorthium and Sonaheim. They’re standing close to the procession and this is perhaps odd. She speaks “Have you any reason to… interfere with these proceedings? Blood Knight and… what are you?" She says to Sonaeheim, flat and without any amusement.

Sonaeheim: “I’m a representative of the grand magisterium, told me to keep an eye on things happening here in Tranquilien. I’d say this qualifies.”

Lorthium Brightsun: “No interference, merely here to observe…. Though, might I ask what their crimes are?”

The captain explains that the prisoners gathered are criminals. If Fenvin would eventually protest.

Fenvin Heartstar: “I have committed no crimes.”

Captain Somberdim steps toward Fenvin, guards at her back. A hand rested firmly on her saber. “Do you question the judgement of my men, little one?” The words slither out of her mouth.

From afar, another prisoner bemoans his own fate. A much older man, no heavier than a hundred pounds.

“Nor am I! I am guilty of no crimes! I am weak, I am frail! What could you have expected me to do?!”

A chorus of protest ignites within the crowds gathering about the prisoners. Spectators come to muse on the fates of the unfortunate.

Lorthium Brightsun gazes across the crowd as it grows busy. Slowly backing up as the crowd begin to draw themselves, hiding himself in among them. Yelling out, once sure he was hidden from being easily seen. “You are un-elected bullies! You have no right!”

Sonaeheim rolled his eyes. “Yeah, you bullies.”

Captain Somberdim roars in a shrill rip of sound, swinging the saber from her hip. It goes skyward as a flame draws from hilt to tip. THAT IS ENOUGH!”

The spectators and prisoners alike fall silent. Captain Somberdim begins her speech on what is to be expected of the prisoners.

Sonaeheim continues skulking through the crowd. “Tyrants!” he shouts, in his best impression of an angry peasant. “Villains!” he shouted, angrier…-ly. And then, with mounting fury, he musters the mightiest insult in the simpleton’s vocabulary, “bullies!”

The crowd parts as Sonaeheim makes his accusations, the lot of them having no interest in being associated with someone so clearly searching for a swift and brutal end.

The guards stare at Sonaeheim, Somberdim watching him from a distance. Her face is unmoving.

Lorthium Brightsun growls, shoving the Knight by his side. “He’s right!” He shouted out. “Are you going to let them push you around like this? Bully your kin? Make up crimes? What is to say you are not next? Hm? Or your children!”

All attention is on Sonaeheim with this. Lorthium moves to attempt to calm the situation, seemingly.

With all attention seemingly elsewhere, Fenvin finally makes her move, dislocating her thumbs and slipping from her bindings with a disturbing sense of ease. She runs up and toward the courtyard by the tavern. A guard following at her heels.

“Belore! Get that girl! And come back for me! Under no circumstance are you to leave me to die!” Lorthium Brightsun commands of his companion.

Chaos. A fight ensues. Guards bolting for Sonaeheim.

Lorthium Brightsun draws his blade. Ready to fight. Captain Somberdim acts immediately and a scuffle ensues.

Fenvin meanwhile deftly manages to avoid capture at the hands of her pursuing guard.

Lorthium Brightsun is thrown to the ground by Captain Somberdim.

Sonaeheim runs over toward Lorthium. He raises his hands and begins uttering words of power, and raw magical energy coalesce around his hands. He brings them to bear, shaping them into thin missiles, and then hurls them straight at Somberdim in a bid to distract her.

Captain Somberdim: GUARDS! GUARDS! SEIZE THEM! ENSURE NO OTHERS ESCAPE!” Her eyes swing left and right, fixated on the crowds of people. “And begone, you fiends! Begone from this place, all of you!”

Sonaeheim’s attack fails and Captain Somberdim becomes more ferocious.

Fenvin Heartstar lifts her hands into the air. Green energies circulating between fingertips. She parts her lips at song. The druidic magics caressing the spaces surrounding the crowds. The smell of flowers, the subtle wind at springtime set upon the air crisply.

Several guards and Captain Somberdim herself are suddenly ensnared as vines sprout up from the ground and wrap about their legs, climbing up and up to trap the now struggling elves.

The furthest guards plow through the crowd, simultaneously dispersing them and pursuing Sonaeheim. A panic sets in; commoners scream and holler, running every which way.

Fenvin disperses her magics and makes way for Belore and his nearby cart, taking note of the situation and understanding that the Knights wish to aide her.

Further commotion ensues, but the trio manage to make it to Belore where the elf readies a horse and cart.


Soon the cart makes way. And the travellers begin the next part of their journey.

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