“From the ashes, we rise again, and our people shall attain a new greatness! We shall forge a new path, scarred, but unbroken. For the blood of our fallen brothers, we are sin’dorei! We are blood elves, and we shall not fall!”


So cried Prince Kael’thas in his first and final decree. Standing amongst his battered people, the ruins of Silvermoon lying all around them, the prince swore he’d find their salvation.

A day later, he and his strongest men rode south in search of aid.

They would never be seen again.

Three years have passed since that fateful day, and elven society has begun to unravel. Factions are forming and threaten the regent lord’s rule; salvagers have infested the kingdom, stripping it of what little wealth remains. What’s worse, a great evil looms in the shadows, whose sinister plan could pose the greatest threat the newly-dubbed ‘blood elves’ have ever known—even greater than the undead Scourge’s invasion three years ago.

The kingdom’s fate lies in the hands of three proud adventurers. Have they what it takes to reunite their people and drive evil from the land?

Perhaps with the help of their journal, they do.

The Wake of Quel'Thalas

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